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Renovation Realities :: Kitchen and Bath Budget

It happens to the best of us...

We're watching HGTV for the fifth hour straight while pinning all of those fabulous ideas on our Pinterest boards and can't help but think, "How much could that cost? Really?!?  You simply move that over there...add a cabinet over here... then a counter top there.... and poof! you're done!

Kitchen reno via Drum Homes

Most of us fail to remember the nuts and bolts, or shall we say lumber and nails, of those not-so-glamorous but oh-so-necessary costs.   I'm sure most people don't have Pinterest boards titled "Sub floor" or "Grout" and rarely do they talk about labor costs on HGTV.  That's where general contractors and designers come in handy.  They can help turn those wishes and dreams into an accurate budget with a cohesive plan.

Bath reno via Drum Homes

We often get asked what a kitchen or bathroom renovation would cost and, unfortunately, there's really no exact answer to that question.  So much depends on what you are starting with and what you want the finished space to be.  Therefore, being the remarkably helpful renovators that we are, we have compiled some articles that we think are pretty accurate and helpful in explaining the realities of renovating.

Kitchen reno via Drum Homes

When you're finished reading the articles, don't forget to hop back on Pinterest and check out our Grout board...it's inspiring...really! ;-) 



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