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Summer Cabin

Here at Drum Homes we strive to meet the custom hopes and needs of EVERY client.

 Although his winter condo was pretty darn nice, Yertle the Turtle (ok,technically he's a tortoise, but Yertle the Tortoise sounds ridiculous...) came to us with the hopes of building a summer "cabin" where he could reconnect with nature.

tortoise cabin via Drum Homes

Yertle's needs were few, but specific.

  • a spacious cabin nestled among the trees
  • a patio for sunning
  • a pool for dipping
  • skylights galore
  • a man cave
  • state of the art security from intruders
  • food delivery service (we referred him to Boston's Produce Delivery) 
Tortoise cabin via Drum Homes

Yertle said he would give us excellent online reviews, if only he could type... 

But we think his smile says it all!